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Inkscape and Perl

I’ve talked about it before. People who make SVG images do not correctly enter their text in their SVG editor. Result: The text does not appear or in the wrong place (Figure 1). If you then analyze the problem in … Continue reading

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OmegaT is a CAT program. This stands for Computer Assisted Translation. So it is a tool for translators. I have tried it recently and these are my findings. First of all, the workflow. This needs to be mentioned because there … Continue reading

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Subtitle Editor Gaupol

In my last post I have discussed several subtitle editors. Including the program Gaupol. I wasn’t enthousiastic about this program but I have tested it now extensively. This after reading the manual on This is what I have … Continue reading

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Subtitle Editors

I have tried to make subtitles for a video with subtitle editors. I have tried several: Subtitle Composer, Gnome Subtitles, Gaupol, Subtitle Editor and Aegisub. I found the experience horrible. It was almost impossible to achieve anything. Consulting websites and watching Youtube videos … Continue reading

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High Pass Filter to Gimp

I wanted to edit a photo with the High Pass Filter but I noticed it wasn’t installed yet. The reason for that was that I had made the switch to Ubuntu Linux. I had to search the internet and finally … Continue reading

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Exiv2: exif tool for photos

Many programs give you the ability to view the exif data of a photo. According to Wikipedia is the Exchangeable image file format (officially Exif, according to JEIDA/JEITA/CIPA specifications) a standard that specifies the formats for images, sound, and ancillary … Continue reading

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In order to obtain information on the contents of a video file, you can use the exiftool. Like below. Use the command in the terminal, then see the output of this command. $ exiftool opening_keynote,_what_a_difference_5_years_makes,_the_new_open_world,_jim_zemlin.mkv ExifTool Version Number : 10.23 … Continue reading

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Extracting part of a video with a One Line Command

It is possible to extract part of a video with a program like OpenShot video editor or Kdenlive. But it is also possible with the command line interface (abbreviated as cli). It is only a small amount of code. This … Continue reading

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Illustrations from

I make summaries of the courses of The creators of the courses often use illustrations and diagrams to elucidate their lessons. It is possible to make screenshots of these illustrations and subsequently import them into Word. I choose to … Continue reading

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Qgis (previously called Quantum Gis) is a program which is used to make maps. Much data of scientific institutes is freely available on the internet. By combining these (graphic) data and adding one’s own images, legenda en symbols, one can … Continue reading

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