OmegaT is a CAT program. This stands for Computer Assisted Translation. So it is a tool for translators. I have tried it recently and these are my findings.

First of all, the workflow. This needs to be mentioned because there are several steps that need to be taken before you can start the actual translation.

First start by creating a new project: Project/New. This opens a new window. In this window you must determine what the language of the document is that you want to translate. Also, you must add the language in which the document shall be translated. Automatically, new maps will be created in which the new project shall be stored.

Then you must add the so-called source document. This is the document that needs to be translated. A warning is necessary. OmegaT cannot import Word documents (.doc en .docx). These must be converted into an .odt document.

We have arrived at the actual translation stage. OmegaT divides the text into segments. You translate the text going from segment to segment.

What helps with translating, is by enlarging the so-called font: Tools/Font/Size. With this you can enlarge the text. What also helps, is switching on the option View/Mark Untranslated Segments. By way of colour is indicated which parts of the text you haven’t translated.  See image below.

When you have translated the text, you still have to make the translated document. This you do by: Project/Create Current Translated Document. You can find the just created translated document in the project folder which you have made at the start. Go to this map and under the map target you find your translated document.

And now the review. This program is clearly in alpha phase. To give an example: it is not possible to open a once created project. This makes the program unsuitable for large documents.

And what to think of the option Translate/Machine Translate/Automatically Fetch Translations. By this I understand that the program automatically makes translations of the text. This does, however, not happen.

In my opinion, this program is unfinished. But for small translations like this text, the program is well suited.

OmegaT vertaalprogramma

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