Subtitle Editor Gaupol

In my last post I have discussed several subtitle editors. Including
the program Gaupol. I wasn’t enthousiastic about this program but I
have tested it now extensively. This after reading the manual on

This is what I have done. I have downloaded a video of the Carpenters
and I have tried to make subtitles for it. This is how it is done with
You let the video run in Gaupol. Each time that you hear the start of a
new sentence in the video, you press the key “j”. You can make small edits to this starting point with the letters “q” and “w”. With it you create a series of subtitles. Next, you type the text of the subtitles in the program. After that you you run the video another time but this time you determine with the letter “k” when a subtitle ends. With the keys “e” and “r” you can make small adjustments to the endpoint. The whole process is really very simple and that makes Gaupol my favorite subtitle editor.

I have made a drawing with the keys which you have to use for this program. In this program you can see an anchor near the letters j and k. This is done to indicate that with these keys you can respectively determine the beginning and the end of each subtitle. The letters above them indicate that you can manually adapt these begin- and endpoints.

Drawing with the keys relevant for Gaupol

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