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Old work

Some drawings that I once put on Wikimedia Commons. Gaul_nedversion.svg Pearl_Harbor_1941_nl.svg

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A small program called Agave

This is a little handy program called Agave. If you are into web design or the creation of drawings, it is necessary to find matching colors. That is to say: colors with a different hue but with the same saturation … Continue reading

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This picture is taken in the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (translation: Dutch National Museum of Antiquities) in Leiden. Picture 1 shows the unedited picture. It is clear that the colors in the picture are not right. The statue was white/gray against … Continue reading

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Kmplot is especially useful for students. Geogebra on the other hand is very useful for teachers. It is a program with which exercises can be made. Like in many other programs it is possible to save the drawings in SVG … Continue reading

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Just like Geogebra is Kmplot a program to be used by those who are involved in mathematics, because it can plot functions with ease. So it ideal for math students to help them with their math assignments. Because it is … Continue reading

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Interesting programs

Interesting drawing and edit programs that I use, are: Kmplot, Hugin, Geogebra, Fotowall en Gimp. These programs are all worthwhile. I will discuss them each individually in detail later on.

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Gnuplot is an old graphic open source editor that can be used to plot functions and data. It dates from 1986. The program is interactive. That means that every change you apply, will automatically be visible. The program is started … Continue reading

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Again Estonia

It is an interesting project: the drawing of Estonia. This is what I have found: selecting all textobjects and subsequently group them, produced this drawing: Suddenly Estonia lies in South America. In the drawing one can discern Panama, Bogota, Equador, … Continue reading

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Amazon Web Services

Pluralsight author & IT Consultant Elias Khnaser distinguishes between different cloud forms: the Private cloud, the Cloud Service Providers and the Hyperscale Service Providers. An example of a Hyperscale Service Provider is Amazon Web Services. Mainly big companies like BMW, … Continue reading

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Create Tiled Clones

A very useful tool to make copies of the same element fast is to make use of the tool “Create Tiled Clones”. Think of a chessboard. You can see the repetition of the same pattern across four fields. See image … Continue reading

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