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New Wikipedia material

A template from the German Wikipedia. Two maps: one that tells you what you shouldn’t do and the other tells you how it should be done. Written in very formal German.

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New color tool of Wikimedia Commons.

You need at least 4 colors to make a map where the boundaries of the areas don’t have matching colors. But you can’t pick any 4 colors. If you do, the result can be very disappointing. Someone has posted a … Continue reading

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New domain name

So, it has become I transferred all my old posts to this site. That also means that they all have the same date. Installation of WordPress with Softaculous is amazingly easy. One click and WordPress is installed on your … Continue reading

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Croptool Wikimedia Commons

There are several interesting tools which can make the life of editors of Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia easier. One of them is the croptool of Wikimedia Commons. It is easy to cut parts of an image with this tool. Especially … Continue reading

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Code in SVG-files

To see whether or not there are errors in a certain SVG file, you can make use of a validator of W3C. There are several steps required in order to make the SVG file “valid”. If necessary one could always … Continue reading

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On Wikimedia Commons you can not only find many good drawings and photos. You can also find many tools with which you can make illustrations. The SVG file below can be useful when you want to make a map:

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Something to save

Really something to save. Material from Wikimedia Commons. The picture depicts icons which depict names of cities on a map. This can be useful for the future.

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Bought a new book: Islamic design

In search of a book that would tell me more about Islamic art I stumbled upon the book “Islamic design”, written by Eric Broug. It is a masterpiece. There are very beautiful pictures in it. Also extensive descriptions. But it … Continue reading

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Teaching material Africa

I have made teaching material for the names of countries in Africa. The map is of course a SVG file. The Egyptian god Geb stands for Gabon. The canary stands for the Canary Islands The bottle stands for the island … Continue reading

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Islamic geometry

> The illustration on the screen is used to screen off the activities taking place at Metrostation Blaak. Clearly one can see the mathematical illustrations. This inspired me. I wondered how I could make them myself one day. After searching … Continue reading

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